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Jean-Claude Van Damme's son Kris photos he flexes his bulging biceps

 Jean-Claude Van Damme's son Kris photos he flexes his bulging biceps
Like father like son: Kris Van Varenberg shows off his huge arms on the set of Welcome To the Jungle
Flexing his muscular guns as he hung out by his trailer in between filming scenes, it was clear to see the screen star has heavily been influenced by his dad’s image.

Wearing shorts and a headband, a mud-splashed Kris dons the classic bodybuilder pose, channelling the former professional of his mother Gladys Portugues.

As he tries to make it big in the acting world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate Kris Van Varenberg from his famous father.

After appearing in films such as The Quest and Derailed with Jean-Claude Van Damme, the actor is more than emulating the Belgian martial artist’s work life, he also appears to be mirroring his body.
The 24-year-old showed off his bulky arms as he filmed on location yesterday.

Father and son have been hanging out on the set of new movie Welcome To The Jungle, in which Jean-Claude’s boy stars alongside him once again.

Van Damme - who ditched the Van Varenberg last name in favour of his easier stage surname –displayed a similar set of muscular arms as he posed at the Mar Chiquita beach in Puerto Rico.
Although his chest is covered up in a black vest, the similarities are still striking between the two and he bends down in the golden sands with his arms turned out.
Keeping it in the family: Jean Claude Van Damme flexed his muscles on the beach on a filming break
His son isn’t the only family member after a taste of his fame, 21-year-old Bianca Bree is also planning to step out into the spotlight with the film, due for release in 2013.

Making use of her father’s industry links, the starlet made her film debut in the 2008 flick The Shepherd: Border Patrol where she played the daughter of Van Damme’s character Jacques Robideaux.
The 51-year-old's new offering sees him don a questionable look as he flaunts a large brown moustache and matching sideburns.

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