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Britney Spears’s 30th birthday tribute

It’s Britney’s 30th birthday bitches!
Britney Spears has come a long way since her days on The New Mickey Mouse Club, releasing seven best-selling albums, landing a Grammy Award, and mothering two precious sons.
The pop star’s life hasn’t always been easy, suffering a public meltdown in 2008 and going through two divorces.
But Britney has gotten her life back on track these days, ending up Jason Trawick and grossing $6 million in the first ten shows of her Femme Fatale Tour.
Check the awesome tribute videos to the birthday girl after the bump!

BRITNEY SPEARS Is 30! Now That's Crazy!
Britney is one of the most succesful singers of all time, she broke tons of records and her fame is beyond fame. She has done a lot of good and she is back on top. Happy birthday britney.

Britney Spears turns 30 today ... but it seems like only yesterday that she was in the Mickey Mouse Club, recording smash hits, posing in a bra on Rolling Stone, datingJustin Timberlake, attempting to act in a movie, dancing with snakes, kissingMadonna, marrying for 55 hours, getting an annulment, remarrying, having kids, driving with her kids in her lap, divorcing, partying with Paris, flashing her Britney, dating the paparazzi, traipsing barefoot through Malibu gas stations, shaving her head, attacking paps with an umbrella, going to rehab, going to rehab, going to rehab, imploding at the VMAs, being hauled out on a gurney, wearing pink wigs, almost losing custody of her kids, being put under a conservatorship, gazing blankly into space, lip synching, arm dancing, falling for her agent and getting back on top.

Here's to 30 more great years in the spotlight, Brit Brit.

Happy birthday, Britney! Miss Spears' famous friends tweet congratulations as she hits 30

It's hard to believe that Britney Jean Spears turns 30 today. 
After all, at the height of her troubles, many thought she'd never make this landmark birthday, predicting the fate that befell the late Amy Winehouse for the Southern belle. 
And she was, after all, the original teen star; igniting the craze for youthful performers single-handedly with an artfully styled shirt and a bare midriff, still fresh from life as a Disney Mouseketeer.

Thirty Rocks: Britney is enjoying the best form of her life, here she charms Buenos Aires on her Femme Fatale tour last week, which has been a commercial and critical success 
It seemed that she'd be preserved in aspic in that school uniform or worse still, shaven-headed and wielding an umbrella after losing custody of her children, rather than starting her thirties with with more commercial success and critical acclaim that ever before.
Today, the cavalcade of celebrities who took to their Twitter accounts to wish the resurrected entertainer a happy birthday was indicative of her reclaimed star status.

Collaborators: Rihanna had Britney on her remix for S&M, and they are close friends
Old Mouseketeer chum and one-time foe, Christina Aguilera led Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Elle DeGeneres in a chorus of birthday wishes. 
She's come a long way since The New Mickey Mouse Club and though the road has not always been smooth, Britney has had an unarguably successful and zeitgeist shaping career. 

It's a decision that's led to not only her rehabilitation but also her renaissance, as the singer let go of the pretensions to singer-songwriter success and decided to focus upon what she does best.
And that's being an entertainer so enduring that her audience will never tire of being hit one more time. 

Entertainer: Britney has her mojo back at long last

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