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Watch WWE SmackDown 7 June 2013

Will Miz unravel the 'weak link?'

This Friday at 8/7 CT on Syfy, Team Hell No & Randy Orton will follow up their controversial loss to The Shield on Raw by appearing on "Miz TV." Does chaos await "The Most Must-See Talk Show in WWE History?"

Dark Match
* Alicia Fox defeated Naomi.

WWE SmackDown

* This week’s SmackDown kicks off with The Miz and MizTV. He brings out Kane, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. They try to convince Bryan he’s not the weakest link but he argues with them like on RAW.

* Teddy Long comes out and makes Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs. The Shield later on.

* Curtis Axel defeated Chris Jericho. CM Punk's music started playing in the match and this distracted Jericho, allowing Axel to get the roll-up.

* A promo for The Wyatt Family airs. Brodus Clay and Tensai were watching backstage and say Bray Wyatt is creepy.

* Ryback challenges Kane backstage to a match later tonight.

* Heath Slater vs. Alberto Del Rio never happens as 3MB jump him before the bell. Ricardo Rodriguez helps Del Rio fight back. Dolph Ziggler appears on the big screen and announces he will be at RAW to see Del Rio.

* Kane defeated Ryback by DQ after Ryback put Kane through a table.

* A promo for the 20th anniversary of RAW aired.

* Damien Sandow comes out for a chess game with his super computer. Sheamus interrupts and Brogue Kicks the computer. Sandow goes nuts on Sheamus and beats him down before leaving.

* Fandango defeated Zack Ryder.

* They show a video package looking at Ryback's destruction.

* Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by DQ when Dean Ambrose interferes. After the match, Daniel Bryan fights off the Shield, but Randy Orton gives Bryan an RKO because during the match, Bryan accidentally drop kicked him.


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